China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

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Attribute : Public University

Level : 211 Project University

Type : Comprehensive University

Location : Beijing


China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing is a national key university directly supervised by China Ministry of Education, which has been listed into the national “211 Project”, the “985 Project Innovation Platform”, as well as the “World First-Rate Discipline Construction University”. It is also one of the initial member universities for the Strategic Alliance of Industrial Technology Innovation, with its development supported jointly by the Ministry of Education and China’s State Administration of Work Safety. In 1960 and 1978, the university was identified twice as a national key university and was included in the initial list of universities with doctor and master degree conferring authority in its graduate school. The university is now composed of two campuses: Xueyuan Road campus located on Xueyuan Road, the university zone in Haidian District of Beijing, and Shahe campus located in Shahe Higher Education Zone in Changping District of Beijing.

The predecessor of CUMT was Jiaozuo School of Railroad and Mines founded in Jiaozuo, Henan Province in the year of 1909. In 1931, the School was renamed as Private Jiaozuo Engineering College. In 1938, the College moved to West China and merged with the engineering sections in Northeastern University, Beiyang University and Beiping University into National Northwestern Polytechnical College. In 1946, Jiaozuo Engineering College was restored, and then moved back to Jiaozuo in 1949. In 1950 it was moved from Jiaozuo to Tianjin and renamed as China Institute of Mining and Technology (CIMT). During the nationwide restructuring of universities and colleges in 1952, the mining engineering departments of Tsinghua University, Beiyang University and Tangshan Institute of Railroad were merged into CIMT, which established a sound basis for its later development. In 1953, CIMT was moved to Beijing, and renamed as Beijing Institute of Mining and Technology. In 1970, the Institute was moved to Hechuan, Sichuan Province, and renamed as Sichuan Institute of Mining and Technology. In 1978, Beijing Graduate School of China Institute of Mining and Technology was established at the original site of Xueyuan Road in Beijing and resumed enrollment and cultivation of graduate students. In 1988, it was renamed as China University of Mining and Technology, and the great leader Deng Xiaoping inscribed the university’s name. In 1997, the university was renamed as China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing Campus. In 1998, it restored the enrollment of undergraduate students. Since 2000, the university has been under the direct supervision of Ministry of Education. In January 2003, with the approval of the central government, the university started its independent operation under the name of China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing. In 1997, CUMT-Beijing was listed into the national “211 Project”, the “985 Project Innovation Platform” in 2006, and the “World First-Rate Discipline Construction University” in 2017.

The development of this university has received attention and support from successive leaders of the country. Chairman Mao Zedong’s inscription “Develop Mining Industry” encouraged generations of graduates to work hard for the development of mining industry. The great leader Deng Xiaoping’s instructions guided the university to move forward on the road of revitalization under the background of reform and opening up. Former President Jiang Zemin inspected the campus and wrote an inscription to mark its 90th anniversary. Former President Hu Jintao sent a congratulatory letter for the university’s centennial celebration. For more than 100 years, the university has been keeping in pace with the Chinese industrialization process and the development of the country. Generation after generation, the university has created a top brand in higher education in China, formed its unique ethos of “Diligence, Objectivity, Ambition, and Dedication” and a study style of “learn and practice”, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of working hard and striving to tackle the challenges.

Under the support from government, coal energy industry and other communities, through years of development, CUMTB, now a comprehensive university, has set up a professional system giving priority to engineering among other disciplines of science, liberal arts, management, laws and economy, with mining and safety as its features. It enjoys a high reputation in the areas of mine construction, work safety, surveying, mechanics, IT, ecological restoration, management engineering relating to exploration, development and utilization of coal energy, etc.


Non Degree
20,600 RMB/YEAR
28,800 RMB/YEAR
33,000 RMB/YEAR


International Students Dormitory
RMB 30 to RMB 74

There are housing facilities for international students at CUMTB. Rent will be calculated by the actual days of students’ stay period.



All accommodations are included in the program fee. The accommodation in Beijing is conveniently located on the CUMTB campus in the middle of the college life of Beijing. 



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